the angles cried

Featuredthe angles cried

Stumbled on her way.

Crying she, so the sky.

Darkened night so her fate,

Addled her eyes.

Slashed Soul lurked through her dress.

Bruises on body.

Swollen soul.

Gift of Love so whole.

Pilfered by her Prince.

Robbed by lust.

Lost love

Stollen treasure of trust.

Beauty left in shame.

Couldn’t blame.

Once & for all.

Wings she spread.

Not to fly but fall.

The Pearl.

Crushed by Her love.

Swathed the sea.

Soothed was her Soul slain within the waves..

Heaven yelled.

Hell hid his demons.

World raised his own.

Paradise so perplexed.

She smiled.

But angles cried.

©kenosis | love? lust!